Living toghether

Living together is another facet of the university life. Our goal is to facilitate the living together and the stay here as pleasant and as complete as possible.

"Thanks to my roommates I've met people from other faculties."Oihane Ayerbe (Tolosa)
"I got to know the service through a friend in my class. The next course I signed up for his apartment."Larissa Sierra (Mexico DF)

Flat mates in the university apartment

The fact that all the chores around the house are covered, should make the living together good and fluid. There are some basic rules about mutual respect and respect towards the housemaid. Furthermore, you need to respect the moments of studying without making noise and it is not allowed to throw parties at the apartment.

Community of Unicasa students

Unicasa is a large family of students with very similar concerns and you can always count on them


Living together with other university students from other faculties adds richness to your stay since you are able to open doors to other academic fields. Furthermore, the proximity of the apartments to the Faculties allows quick access to classes, libraries, meetings, sports…


Unicasa students are and feel fully integrated in Pamplona, a welcoming city with extensive cultural and leisure activities. The apartments are located in the Iturrama area, a lively area equipped with everything that is necessary and only a 10 minute walk away from downtown.