The all-inclusive university apartments of Unicasa

offer to the undergraduate and graduate students in Pamplona all the comfort and well-being that is necessary to achieve academic goals and to develop their personal talents. We are a modern and proved alternative to the traditional residences.

"It is the accommodation that you are looking for. The service has all the benefits and the treatment is very pleasant."

Sara Guerra (Palencia)

For those who want make the best of their time

Studying in an all-inclusive apartment

For those who want make the best of their time

Our students are able to enjoy the most complete service and the important advantages such as being able to use the accommodation all year or to choose the room and the apartment.

The university apartments are located in a walking distance to the university and the more laborious tasks (full board, cleaning, washing and ironing of the clothing, Internet, technical service…)  are addressed. The accommodations are comfortable and they are full equipped to live and study.

The students are able to combine their personal autonomy with the basic norms of living together.

In addition, our students have the tranquility of the Study Support Service, carried out by professionals who are committed to achieve good results.

Since Unicasa is an independent company, the collaborations with the study centers are a result of a trustful relationship.