Postgraduates and international students

In Unicasa we know the specific needs of international students and postgraduate students. In the university apartments of Unicasa, you will find the environment and the means necessary to make the most of your time at the university.

Furthermore, if you are an international student, we provide you different services:

  • If you need help with the filling in of the paperwork to obtain your VISA. Once you are in Pamplona we guide you through all the paperwork to get your NIE

  • The days you arrive before the start of the courses are free of charge

  • In case you will stay for a short stay, we provide you with a basic set of bed linen so you have more space in your luggage for other stuff

  • We provide you with those small items you forgot or could not bring in your suitcase: reading lamp, power strips…

  • You can stay at the apartment during the Christmas and the Easter holiday if you are not able to go home during these periods, for no matter what reason

  • We give you advice on the different health insurance options

  • We provide you with a welcoming dossier

CONTACT: UNIVERSITY APARTMENTS UNICASA: info@uni-casa.esTEL +34 948 17 17 46