Grants and scholarships

These are some of the aid that can be accessed by university students that are staying in Unicasa.

  • Grants from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports

    Application deadline: August 20 to October 15. For students from around the state except the Basque Country.

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  • Grants from the Government of Navarre

    Application deadline: Until October 31. Complements the Ministry of Education Culture and Sports

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  • Basque Government Grants

    Application deadline: Until October 15. Not compatible with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

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  • Academic Excellence Credit Program for students of the UNAV (University of Navarre)

    It includes reductions in loan when getting good academic results.
    Application deadline: requests for access are up to 3 days after the date of the start the registration process.

    For residence request: Approved upon 1st notice from 15 to 19 June. Those who have been approved in extraordinary notice from 20 to 22 July.

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  • Scholarships and grants of the Autonomous Communities

    Some Autonomous Communities offer grants to its residents. To do so we recommend you to contact the Department of Education of the Community.

  • Grants from the Government of La Rioja
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  • Loans and credits for students of the UNAV (University of Navarre)

    See conditions according your financial institution

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  • Mutual Scholarships from the General Mutuality of the State of Civil Servants
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